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Congratulations on taking the next step towards becoming a member of the Florida Flight, Orlando's minor league professional basketball team. Here are some things that you can do to prepare for the upcoming Flight School Scout League:


- Be a pro's pro. Don't mistake playing pick-up games as training. Work on your craft. Get some individual work in to enhance your skill set. If you are a point guard, work on your ball handling. If you are a shooting guard, shoot a minimum of 500 shots per day. If you are a forward or center, work on your post game, and your quickness to enhance your help side defense.


- Get in shape. That means run...EVERY DAY! Run distance, run suicides, jump rope, etc. If you are not in shape, it will show. Players that are not in shape but think they are worthy of being called a professional athlete are lying to themselves.


- Research the Florida Flight. Be p[repared to respond appropriately when asked what the team's mission statement is. This team is about more than basketball, gentlemen. Know what you are getting into by trying out for the Florida Flight. There have been many highly talented basketball players that have been cut or released from this team because they did not bring the entire package of professionalism on and off the court.


Again - I want to personally thank you for trying out for my team. We aren't like other teams that use tryouts as fundraisers. We are diligently looking for the best talent that Orlando has to offer to put on this team. That is why we offer a 4 week system instead of charging a ridiculous amount for a 1-2 day workout. After 2 down seasons, we need to be much more competitive going forward. Hopefully, you are a player that takes us to another level talent-wise. If you are not, we'll let you know what you need to work on, and perhaps you can come back next year.


Lastly, here is a favorite quote of mine that you can contemplate over the next few weeks: "What do your daily actions say about the pursuit of your dreams?" Don't tell people what you want to do with your them! We'll see you in a few weeks.




Mark A. King

Owner/Head Coach

Florida Flight

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