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The Flight's Corey Williams will head to Spain before the FBA season begins. Williams, a standout rookie for the Flight last season, received an opportunityto play for CAI Zaragoza (Spain - ACB).

Williams was contacted by an FIBA-certified agent early this year after viewing his game film and statistics from his impressive rookie year in the Florida Basketball Association (FBA). The contract is a two week opportunity, which could be extended provided Williams is able to play well and make an immediate impact.

Corey was one of our most consistent players last season," said Flight Head Coach Mark King. "He's got a lot of upside, and should be able to turn this opportunity into something bigger for himself."

"If I didn't play for the Flight, no one would know who I am and what I can do on the court," said Williams. "Playing in the minors in the US can be tough, but if you get with a good program like the Flight and play in a league like the FBA that actually cares abouit your future success, anything is possible."

Williams leaves later this month, but should return before the start of the FBA season in May.

The Florida Flight is a member team of the Florida Basketball Association. The mission of the Florida Flight is to utilize the platform of professional basketball to invest in the lives of others. For more information on the Florida Flight, please visit For more information about the Florida Basketball Association, please visit

Corey Williams to Spain

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